Attitude Shayari, Dilo se khelna mujhe bhi aata hai

Hindi Shayari on AttitudeI have a tendency to touch the sky by staying on the ground, but do not have the fondness of lifting someone up!

This world is infamous in the temple and alone Salute Does!

Attitude Shayari On Love, Dilo Se Khelna Mujhe Bhi

I also like to play with my friends, but I do not like the game in which the toy breaks.

Enemy burns with my written destiny, because behind me a convoy of my loved ones # walks

Shayari on Fadu Attitude

I drink so much that I am drunk, I understand everything but I keep quiet, those who do try to topple me, I often stay with them only !!

Aashiqi’s heart will be angry in love, wow, love will go on in love, when we get down to love, all the records of love will break !!

They live nearby but do not pass, some people are jealous of me, just do not live !!

Those who are jealous of us are also amazing, the women are their own but the discussions are ours? Huh

Masumasa face true smile ✅ Soft is the identity of friends unknown to Dilhar Gum, this is his identity

Why are we afraid of someone, # I have been born in the # colony of #Shero..If you are afraid, those # people are born Darezinhe mice and have given the name of #Lion!

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