सुबह है नयी, नया है सवेरा शायरी

Hindi Shayari for Good MorningGood Morning Shayari, Subah Hai Nayi, Naya Hai Savera

morning It is new .. New is morning, sun ray and winds nest, face of “sun” in the open sky, happy you beautiful morning. Good morning ☀☀ ??

A moment becomes beautiful, when someone becomes part of life, some people meet in life, which leads to an unbreakable relationship.Good morning ??

From life to life, my heart is moving, life is a little, a little smile!

The winner is not the only one who wins in front of the world, but the one who knows when and where to lose in front of relationships is also the winner. Good morning?

Who is benefited by the happiness sought, what is written in luck, it is paid as much, neither fear the mind from the world, here anyone’s desire, not anybody’s bad, gets what we sowed. Happens, in front of that lord, because everything is under his control.? Good morning?

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