Shayari is found if the loyalty is not infidel

Infidelity shayari in hindiI am worried about something like this from my own ghazal, Infidel Of, I am the same infidel.

If there is no right loneliness, you do not meet or meet the right separation, nothing is found in love. Infidelity So get it.

Sad Shayari for Bewafa, Hasino Ne Haseen Bankar Gunah Kiya

Hasino committed crimes as a beauty, did others destroy us too, when we introduced their infidelity in the ghazals, did others cheat them too.

Even if I sing a song in Kaka, my voice is unfaithful, even if I can play it, but my instrument is unfaithful, do not make Guman e Shahjahan on his crown, but even if I can crown it, Mumtaz is unfaithful

Now it has become a habit to bear sorrow, it has become a habit of crying secretly in the night, but it is disloyal to play with all my heart and now I have become a habit of eating hurt.

All my wishes were filled with tears under the tears, the same became unfaithful, I was lost in the darkness of the light of the lamp, which I did not know.

That love was yours, that hate was yours, it was also yours to adopt and reject, whom did I ask for justice for my loyalty? That city was yours, that court was also yours.

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