Style is just the way it has changed!

Best Style Shayari in Hindi will not be able to judge such a person, I am only for those who know me so much! 4

Attitude Shayari, Lautkar Aaya Hu Phir Se Maidan Mein

I have come back # again # # in the field? The style is the same, the way has changed!

A lot of girls are on Wαiтiиg to become my Gf..but I am on ωαiтiиg for the craze that I like! 4

Do not talk about status, Pagli .. My heart is bigger than your wealth!

We are friends right now, but we will not break the relationship with anyone, we have the skills to write the states, which we will never leave.

Neither the happiness of life nor the sorrow of death, till the life is alive, we will live with our ѕтуℓє!

Trying to do “Sab” Hai, but “Sabka” would be Raj Nahi… “Attitude” would have everyone… but “our” would be Jaisa style Nahi!

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