WhatsApp DP (MARCH 2021) ! DP For WhatsApp ! WhatsApp DP Love

💦 WhatsApp DP 💦

Lips 👄 so are mine…. But smile क्यों why are you, words 💕 so are mine… .then why are you talking about them?

DP For WhatsApp

You have become an English book 📖, you like 👸 so much, but you don’t understand समझ.

DP For WhatsApp

💖 DP For WhatsApp 💖

Listen..when you laugh isn’t it, then you look even more lovely.

DP For WhatsApp

If you have pain, someone should do medicine, but if there is love, what should someone do?

WhatsApp DP

🌹 WhatsApp DP 🌹

Everyone has a heart,, but 👉 not all hearts have 💓.

WhatsApp DP

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