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April Fools’ Day is a custom observed on April 1, which includes practical jokes and rumors.

Here you will find many types of April Fools Jokes, April Fool SMS, April Fool Pranks on WhatsApp, April Fool Whatsapp Status and April Fool Images Download And will get to copy.

If you want to fool your friends on April Fool’s day, you want to download funny messages, jokes and Santa Banta jokes, then you are absolutely in the wrong place, you will not find anything like this in this article…. 😛

Oh no guys i’m kidding Now if you have April Fool, you have the right to make April Fool. 4

Well in this article today I will be with you Latest April Fool SMS & Jokes I have brought whom you can share with your friends and loved ones on social media and wish them happy April Fool.

April Fool which we celebrate on the 1st of April. On this day we celebrate April Fools with someone and with them April fool Prank Let’s do it.

Today for you Best April Fool Messages for Whatsapp I have brought those whom you can share with your girlfriends, boyfriends and friends.

Best April Fool SMS For Girlfriend in Hindi

april fool photos

Note: You can download all the Funny and Emotional April Fool Shayari here and you can share this article on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp as well.

April Fools Jokes to Say in Hindi

I like your style very much, your laughter is very sweet, your voice is very melodious, what do your eyes say .. !!! If I say so; you are a sweetheart. . Hey listen, . I said all this falsely: P You are not beautiful at all 🙂 :). Happy April Fools Day to Everyone !!

April Fool Jokes SMS Hindi 140 Words

I’m your girlfriend: Smart. Intelligent. Sweet. Talented. Excellent. Romantic. Right, isn’t it? In short, I am your SISTER Happy April day

April Fools Funny Text Pranks to Send to Friends

You Are "UltiMate"
You Are "Loveable"
You Are "Lovely"
You Are "Unique"..
In Short, You Are Ullu…
"April Fool ULLU"

Santa Banta April Fool Jokes in Hindi to Send to Friends

From Santa Banta: April Fools Celebrated? Banta: Yes! Santa: With wife! I divorced him 3 times when he started crying then we said April Fool, April Fool ….!

April Fool Shayari in Hindi

If someone like you comes in my life, make a talk like a cute person in my life, then make a thing like you come in my life.

April Fool Msg for Whatsapp in Hindi

I'm fool, I'm fool I'm fool OK OK COOL मान गया भाई मैं you are fool, now please control yourself…😎😏😏

April Fools Day Jokes in Hindi 2021

In this way, we want you to see that the people of the world are jealous. In this way, we want you to see that the people of the world are jealous, so we all make fools of you, but you become a little quicker … LOL

April Fool Pranks for Whatsapp 2021

April Fool Jokes SMS Hindi

1000 VIRUS DETECTED! When you turn your phone off it won't WORK AGAIN!

One was crazy… absolutely crazy… absolutely crazy… crazy crazy… but don't panic ……. . . There was nothing in front of you Happy April Fool Day

April Fool Funny Hindi SMS For Girlfriend

The flower has poisoned the flowers, along with the flowers, U r the most, Beauti fool, Wonder fool, And color fool, Among all fools ……. Happy April Fools Day

April Fool Jokes in Hindi for Whatsapp 2021

If someone tells you that, you are Smart 😍Ho, Intelligent iusHo, Good Looking, and Genius 🧠, then give two pieces of paper under his ear and say 😠April makes april flowers in the month of March. 4

April Fools Jokes For Work

I can forget to do Holi, Diwali, Lakshmi Puja, Durga Puja, Wish and even forget to do New Year Wish, but I thank God very much for reminding me that today your Like fool 🤪 People have a very special day. 😜😂😂 Happy Fool Day

Best April Fools Stories to Tell in Hindi

Kinnah Shona Tenu, Rabne made… Kinnah Sona Tenu, Rabne made…. . . . . I made april flower ten days ago .. 😜😂😂



April Fool SMS in Hindi For Boyfriend

Such a friendly friend, I kayak you. I bow you arrow, I pea cheese. 🙂 I rain you cloud, I eat you rice. I Hot You Cool. I am April Fool…

April Fool Jokes For Boys in Hindi

Today is a very good time to propose a girl, 1st April know why? 🙂 Oh, if you agree then it is cool or you want to say it. April Fool…

April Fool Day WhatsApp Messages

Tomorrow is yours, yours was yours, it will be yours… You have the right over it. Think why? Because tomorrow is the 1st of April. Happy fool day

April Fool Messages For WhatsApp in Hindi

Abe’s dates, fleeing from ju, langurs, Abe’s rotten banana peels, grated mangoes, retired monkeys of the circus, don’t feel like saying to anyone!

Whatsapp I Love You Prank Messages

I love you yaar. I love you very much, I cannot live without you, since I started talking to you, I do not know what special feeling has come for you, now tell me what to do? Girl: awww true? Boy: hahaha !! Hey April Fool Man ….

April Fools Day 2021 Jokes For Boyfriend

Wafa ritual with these beauties, and it is a sheer mistake to put a heart… on the day they agree to love, understand that on that day it is April Fool ..

Happy April Fools Day Jokes 2021

Nowadays..every moment all the time .. all day long .. I live .. just you think .. why is April flower coming .. and you have to make April Fool in Advance.!

April Fool Funny Jokes in Hindi

I have changed my number, save my new number. And yes make a missed call on this number. My new number is … . . . . . If you have 100 courage then miss call!

April Fool Funniest SMS in Hindi 2021

All idiots are tipped. . . . . . . . . . . You are studying as if this information is for you.

Top April Fool Funny SMS in Hindi

I get one thing from you, just call for free. . . . . Forward all, see how many people become “flowers”, April Fool॥

Funny WhatsApp Prank Messages

My dear friend, you are very big GHONCHU. G-reat H-ot O-ne in million N-aughty C-ute H-umble U-nique Don’t be so happy, so ye ghonchu only …

April Fool Day Funny Message in Hindi

A – U are Attractive
B – U are the Best
C – U are Cute
D – U are Dear to Me
E – U are Excellent
F – U are Funny
G – U are Good Looking
H – He…He…He….
I – I'm J – JOKING
Happy April Fool Day Yaar…….

April Fool Funny Flirt SMS for Friends

When you go to Ayane, Ayana says beautiful beautiful, when you go away from Ayen, Ayana says April Fool! April fool!!!

Funny Jokes on April Fool Day in Hindi

You will be happy, it is something like this, the 1st april which is happening, must be tickling in the heart, and why not… There is only one day in the year that happens only in your name. … Happy April Fools

April Fool Images Download For WhatsApp

April Fool Images Download For WhatsApp

April Fool Quotes SMS in Hindi 140 Words

You are the happiest Gul of gardens, we are just washed away by your footsteps, now do not grow too much because today is April flower. – Latest April Fool SMS Collection

Heart in chest, heart ache, sure in pain, care in confidence, dream in thought, picture in dream, only you in picture! Such a scary dream? Oh dear me. – Happy April fools Day Hindi Quotes

What should I praise you, you are cool like ice, loving you is my best acquittal. Don’t be too angry now because today is April Fool. April Fool Banaya SMS

What is touched by the lips, the feeling is still there, the eyes are moist, and the fire is still in the breath, and even if it is not eaten, it is green chilli.

The rose flower is blooming in the garden, the lotus flower is rolling in the pond, the jasmine flower is smelling in Chaman, and the April flower is reading our SMS in advance. Best April Fool SMS For Best Friend

My dear friends, this article ends now. I hope that all those here April phool jokes, april phool shayari, april phool quotes Hai you must have liked

you April Fool’s Message How should you comment and tell us. Don’t forget to share these STATUS with your loved ones on social media.

– April Fools Jokes in Hindi

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